sakura biografie 'n
Name : Kinomoto Sakura
Age : 10 years old (at beginning of series)
Blood Type : A
Birthday : April 1
Favourite Colours : Pink and White
Favourite Flower : Cherry Blossom
Favourite Class : Gym
Least Favourite Class : Maths

Sakura is a cheerful and happy girl - always trying to help people and generally a nice person. She's afraid of ghosts, however, because when she was little Touya made up stories about ghosts and scared her (awwwww). Sakura can be very gullible, and has a slight habit of making up words ("Hoeeeeeeeeeeeee!"). She even tries to be nice to her rivals like Meilin and Syaoran, which eventually wins them over.

Sakura's mother died when she was little, but her ghost watches over her when she is sick or hurt. Sakura lives with her father and her older brother, Touya. Sakura is basically as sweet as you can get......and very kawaii! (This would defiantly be backed up by Tomoyo, her best friend.....)

Name : Daidouji Tomoyo
Age : 10 years old (at beginning of series)
Blood Type : A
Birthday : September 3rd
Favourite Colours : Beige and White
Favourite Flower : Violets and Cherry Blossoms
Favourite Class/least favourite class : She's good at everything!
Tomoyo is a really sweet and kind person, who *adores* Sakura and is always videotaping. She is also an awesome battle costume maker for Sakura, and even makes little accessories for Kero! Tomoyo always gets really good grades and she also very rich. She lives with her mother as her father is never mentioned, and can sing beautifully.

(A.N. In Cardcaptor Sakura, Tomoyo's voice is incredibly cute.....I mean, it just makes you feel good! But the Cardcaptor's's not even the slightest bit cute. However, the CC voice is nowhere as bad as the voice for Sakura....*shudders*)

Name : Kerberos/Kero-chan
Age : It's apparently a secret.......
Blood Type : Unknown (does he even HAVE a blood type?)
Birthday : Unknown.......but he has to be very old.....
Hobbies : Eating! (and capturing Clow Cards)

Kerberos, or Kero-chan, is the guardian beast of the seal, and was the one who tricked Sakura into becoming a Cardcaptor. He looks really cute, but he's got a lot of additude. His real form is a lot more impressive and powerful.....but in the meanwhile, he has to put up with being the size of a beanie baby!

Kero-chan also possesses much knowledge about Clow Read and the Clow Cards, and draws his own magic from the sun. Most of his 'attacks' are therefore fire-related, and even in his lesser form, Kero is quite strong. He and Syaoran dislike each other a great deal, but eventually Kero ends up acting somewhat civil to Syaoran. Kerberos and Sakura are very close, almost like family, and although they end up in childish fights all the time, they share a very close relationship
Name : Li Syaoran
Age : 10 years old (at beginning of series)
Blood Type : O
Birthday : July 13
Favourite Colours : Green
Favourite Flower : Peony
Favourite Classes : Maths and Gym
Least Favourite Class : Japanese

Syaoran's personality actually progresses through the series - he starts off as a selfish brat who just seems to be out to get the Clow Cards before Sakura, but as time goes on, he get better and you start to see a nicer side of him. However, he is almost always scowling, and has a hard time expressing his emotions. Syaoran is very good in martial arts, and on his mother's side he is a distant relative of Clow Read himself!

In the 3rd season he acts more flustered, and he has a huge on Sakura. It's really funny to watch =P Syaoran comes from Hong Kong, where he lives with his mother and 4 sisters. When not in Hong Kong, he lives with Wei, a cousin of his mother. Meiling is his cousin, who thinks they are engaged....
Name : Li Meiling
Age : 10 years old (at beginning of series)
Blood Type : B
Birthday : March 25
Favourite Colour : Red
Favourite Flower : Lotus
Favourite Class : Gym and Music
Least Favourite Class : Japanese

Meiling is Syaoran's cousin, from Hong Kong also, and when they were younger they trained in martial arts together. Syaoran and Meiling were engaged at a young age (or at least, according to Meiling) and this causes her to follow Syaoran around lovingly. Meiling is a fantastic fighter, but doesn't possess any magical power (much to her disappointment.)

She is a fierce compeditor, and doesn't like Sakura when they first meet, jealous of Sakura's magical ability and determined to keep Syaoran all for herself. However, as the show goes on, Meiling accepts Sakura and they become good friends. Meiling can be whiney and annoying, but she really has a good heart.